Is Online Learning for Me?

  Take this brief quiz to find out if your skills and habits are a match for the skills and habits needed to be a successful online student.

1. My internet and computer access is...

consistent and reliable.

reliable home use but must share with other users.

limited to community locations (library, campus lab, etc).

2. My computer skills are…

very strong. I can change browser settings, copy/paste URL addresses, download, install, and attach files, change file names, use common software such as Microsoft Office, regularly use email.

proficient. I can search the Internet, download and attach files, use common software such as Microsoft Office, regularly use email.

basic. I can browse the Internet and make documents. Need help finding files saved to my computer. I use email for quick messages but haven’t had to download or attach files to an email.

3. My available time for learning per week per course is…

10-12 hours

5-9 hours

less than 5 hours

4. I need instructor feedback…

infrequently. I can judge independently how well I am doing in a course.

occasionally. I need reassurance from time to time but have a good idea of how I am doing.

frequently. I need confirmation that I am doing what is expected.

5. My approach to deadlines and due dates is…

I never miss a deadline and often have my work completed ahead of time.

I don’t miss deadlines but tend to wait until the last minute to turn in an assignment.

I have trouble tracking due dates and sometimes miss deadlines because of unexpected circumstances.

6. My writing skills are…

very strong. Previous instructors or job supervisors have commented on the high quality of my writing.

good. I believe my writing conveys my ideas well.

okay. I do have some difficulty but I try my best to write well.

7. I feel classroom socializing is…

unnecessary. Socializing with my peers is not important to me. I prefer to focus on my work.

okay on a limited basis. I enjoy socializing now and then but prefer to focus on my work.

very important. Socializing with my peers is very important to me. I have difficulty connecting with the course content when I don’t feel like I am experiencing the class with peers.

8. When I don’t understand directions or information…

I am comfortable asking for help or clarification.

I worry about asking the instructor for help.

I feel inadequate and afraid to ask the instructor for help.

9. My reading skills are…

very strong. I rarely have difficulty understanding written information.

good. I usually understand my written information. I know when to use other resources if something isn’t clear to me.

okay, but I need the instructor lecture to understand written information.

10. When I am given directions…

I am confident in being able to figure them out.

I can follow them but worry if I am doing things correctly.

I have difficulty following them and need information explained/demonstrated to me.