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  The department of Instructional Design and Technology and the Faculty Center for Academic Excellence & Innovation offer the following faculty workshops to support best practices in teaching and learning as well as educational technologies. Please note that the list below includes workshops that can be submitted for UCAR workshop credit.

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Developmental Workshop Series

(The following developmental workshops can be used to satisfy PD Workshop credit for UCAR.)

Term Length Developmental Workshops

Term Length Development Workshops are open to all Full-Time faculty and lecturers.

Academic & Career Advising:  Best Practice Tools and a Collaborative Forum to Ensure Student Success (Hybrid)

In this term-length workshop, we will cover resources, tools, & best practices in academic & career advising.  We will talk about effective processes, utilizing university resources, and how networking can set a student apart from their competition (e.g. LinkedIn).  This workshop is highly collaborative.  Faculty will consider ways to improve the advising process ensuring that we are providing our students with the guidance needed to promote their success.  Opportunities for curriculum integration will also be discussed.  This is a hybrid workshop requiring faculty to meet two times during the spring term with pre-session and post-session activities posted online.

Instructors:  Jennifer Gallagher & Jeff Longo

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Spring Term Hybrid Course, 3 In-Class Sessions:

  • Friday, Apr. 7th, 1:30 - 3:30 pm
  • Friday, May 5th, 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Faculty Center Training Room, Academic Center-Suite 437

Learner-Centered Teaching:  The Basics (Online)

In this online, term-length workshop, we will cover many teaching strategies that are geared towards learner-centered teaching, helping the learner achieve concept mastery and increase long-term retention of concepts taught.  As instructors, our goal is to ensure that our students not only learn the concepts but remember and apply those concepts for years to come.  We also strive to encourage students to critically think and problem solve, which are skills that are definitely transferrable into their careers and personal lives.  As research in the areas of learning, memory, and neuroscience has expanded in recent years, educators now have a richer understanding of how learners learn best. By integrating certain learning strategies into your classroom, you are setting your students up for success!  This is an online version of the hybrid workshop that was offered Fall 2016.

Instructor:  Karen Mann

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Spring Term Online Course (All assignments are due by the end of the spring term.)

Participants will be enrolled into a ulearn course to access content and activities.

Individual Developmental Workshops

Create an Exemplary Blended Course: Organization & Best Practices to Enhance Learning

What's a blended course? It's utilizing both online and traditional course components to enhance the student experience! Learn how to design a course that utilizes research-based strategies that support the learner and sets them up for success! Participants will learn the essential components found in a well-developed blended course including section objectives/overview, multimodal content, active learning options, and assessment strategies.

Let's Get Students Engaged with Active Learning in the Classroom!

Students who are engaged in the classroom learn more and retain more! This workshop will focus on active learning techniques that move students into the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy (analyze, create, synthesize.) This highly engaging session models active learning strategies and encourages lots of group discussion and collaborative interactions.

Beyond the Paper & Pencil Test:  Assessment Strategies for Improved Student Learning

Dylan Wiliam, a researcher and expert on student learning, states that assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning. With that in mind, this session will focus on how we as teachers can bridge this gap to increase learning in our classrooms. A substantial portion of this session is dedicated to formative assessments which are vital to learning and come in all shapes and sizes. Summative assessments will also be discussed with a focus on measuring higher order learning and alternatives to the traditional paper and pencil test.

Multimedia Training Events

(The following technology training sessions do not qualify for UCAR PD credit.)

Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Have you heard the saying "Death by PowerPoint"? Don't be the professor who has numerous slides of bulleted text. Learn to use PowerPoint in an effective manner that will engage learners! Enhance your instruction by utilizing the variety of tools available. Lots of tips and examples will be provided.

FC Training Room, Academic Center-Suite 437


Brown Bag Discussion Series

Designing Eye-Catching & Informative Conference Posters

This Brown Bag discussion, led by Frances Burnett and Manasseh Zechariah, will focus on creating an informative and engaging conference poster. Whether you are new to submitting conference posters or are looking to upgrade your next one, this session will be time well spent. You'll walk away from this session armed with information to help you get started designing an outstanding conference poster! Feel free to bring your lunch and enjoy the opportunity to share and learn from your colleagues. Two sessions offered for your convenience.

The Power of Peer Review in the Classroom

This Brown Bag discussion, led by Daphne Thompson, will focus on how to implement peer review into a variety of curriculums. By providing students with effective training, the potential of a successful peer review activity is significantly increased. Peer learning activities, such as peer review, require students to critically think and evaluate which can have a significant positive impact on learning in your classroom. You'll walk away from this session with information you need to successfully integrate Peer Review into your curriculum! Feel free to bring your lunch and enjoy the opportunity to share and learn from your colleagues. Two sessions offered for your convenience.

Using All Your JWU Information Tools to become an Expert Researcher

This Brown Bag discussion, led by Richard Moniz, will focus on the variety of research tools available to Johnson & Wales faculty and students. Demonstrations and activities will cover research tools such as Google Scholar in conjunction with the JWU Charlotte catalog and databases. Feel free to bring your lunch and enjoy the opportunity to share and learn from your colleagues. Two sessions offered for your convenience.

Individual Consultations

Instructional Feedback Program

The Faculty Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation is offering voluntary classroom observations and course feedback starting this winter term.  The goal of this program is to provide you with useful individualized and non-scored feedback to help you grow as a teacher.  The areas that will be focused upon during your observation are research-based best practices for learner-centered classrooms.  Interested?  Contact Karen.mann@jwu.edu

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Interested in redesigning a course to maximize learning?
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Individual technology training sessions available upon request:

  • Creating Mini-Lectures with Screencasting (Camtasia)
  • Embedding Media in ulearn
  • Introduction to Prezi
  • Paperless Grading in ulearn
  • Recording Presentations with the Swivl
  • Respondus
  • Taskstream
  • TurnItIn
  • ulearn Discussion Forums, Journals, Blogs, & Wikis
  • ulearn Grade Center
  • ulearn Groups
  • ulearn Rubrics
  • uSucceed
  • Video Editing
  • Vision (Lab Computer Monitoring)

Email karen.mann@jwu.edu to request course redesign assistance or individual training.