Faculty User Guides

The user guides listed here provide step-by-step instructions on using commonly-used features of ulearn.


ulearn was updated Summer 2017. Click here to see what's new in ulearn!

Table of contents

  • Minimum ulearn Requirements Post a Syllabus, Create Grade Columns & Enter Grades, and Make Your Course Available

  • Getting Started Faculty and Student Frequently Asked Questions

  • Course Administration Edit Mode, Course Tools, and Performance Dashboard

  • Course Content Adding/Managing Course Material, Managing your Left-Menu, Availability, and Edit Mode.

  • Course Management Course Availability, Course Roster, My Courses Display, and Student Preview.

  • Communication and Collaboration Announcements, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Discussion Boards, Groups, and Email

  • Student Assessment Assignments, Quizzes/Tests, Respondus, and Rubrics.

  • Turnitin Plagiarism checker.

  • Grade Center Column Management, Calculations, and Reports.

  • Portfolio Tool

  • Audio/Video Adding audio and video, webcam video, adding mashups.

  • Taskstream Outcomes assessment

  • uSucceed (Opens a new page)

  • Advanced User Guides for Online Faculty

  • Quick Links
    Call: 401-598-2778

    Email: ulearnhelp@jwu.edu

    After Hours: (after 4:30pm M-F ET): Support specialists can be reached by phone or email outside of regular business hours.

    Phone: 1.866.598.4357

    Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM ET - 7:30 PM ET
    Sat-Sun: Closed

    Request Forms to streamline the more regular requests.

    Request a Course Copy

    Campus Resources

    Grade Center

    Column Management
    Create a Column
    Edit a Grade Center Column
    Delete a Grade Center Column
    Moving Columns in the Grade Center
    Enter Grades
    Edit Student Grades
    Hide or Show Students in the Grade Center
    Hide or Show Grade Center Columns from Students
    Grade Center Filter Tool
    View Grade History
    Create Smart Views
    Setting Due Dates
    Grade Center Icon Legend
    Set External Grade Column
    Display Calculated Column as External (Final Letter) Grade
    Import Final Grades to jwuLink

    Using Calculations in the Grade Center

    Weighted (Percent) Grade Center:
    Create Columns
    Create Grade Categories
    Assign Columns to Categories
    Create Weighted Grade Column
    Editing Weighted Grade Column (e.g. Final % Grade)

    Total Points Grade Center:
    Create Columns
    Create Total Grade Column

    Grade Center Reports
    Download a Grade Center History
    Download Final Letter Grades Report
    Downloading Grades to Excel
    Uploading Grades from Excel

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