ulearn Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

  These frequently asked questions describe the policies and procedures related to ulearn, the university's course management system.
Who do I contact if I need help with ulearn?
A variety of resources are available to provide help with ulearn.
  • The Faculty ulearn Help page has links to forms for contacting Academic Technology, user guides, email addresses, etc.

  • For training with ulearn, contact the Instructional Design & Technology team at idt@jwu.edu or call x2389
  • For assistance with course copy requests or restoring access to prior courses please contact ulearnhelp@jwu.edu or call x2778.

  • For after hours assistance, contact the IT Service Desk.

If students need technical assistance, they should review the ulearn Student User Guides or contact the IT Service Desk via email (it@jwu.edu) or phone (1-866-598-4357).

How do I access ulearn?
It is best if you log in through jwuLink because jwuLink allows you to log into many university resources (email, grading, course rosters, ulearn, etc.) with only one log in. However, you may also go directly to https://ulearn.jwu.edu and log in with your JWU username and password.

When I access ulearn, I see "unavailable" next to my course name. What does this mean?
On the My ulearn tab, a course that displays "unavailable" next to the name is not visible to students enrolled in the course. Only instructors have access to unavailable courses. On-campus courses are not automatically made available to students so that instructors have control over when students can access the course. You must make the course available to students when you are ready for them to see it.

Can I use ulearn from home?
You can use ulearn from home or any location with a computer and Internet access.

Does ulearn replace public folders for courses?
No new public folders will be created for courses. All course materials must be uploaded to ulearn.

If I have to put my syllabus in ulearn, do I still need to hand out a paper syllabus?
No, you do not have to hand out a paper syllabus. The university’s policy is that you must distribute a syllabus. Putting your syllabus in ulearn and notifying your students that it is there counts as distributing it. You may want to email your students before the first day of class to let them know the syllabus is in ulearn and ask them to print it and bring it to class on the first day.

How are students trained on ulearn?
Generally students do not need much training since many traditional undergraduate have used similar systems in their high schools. Still, a variety of communications and resources are available to students to inform them of ulearn.

  • Students receive email and jwuLink announcements about ulearn.
  • New student orientation leaders have received basic training on ulearn so they can share that information with incoming students.
  • Information sessions with demos are scheduled for early in the fall term and students will be invited to attend.
  • A ulearn orientation course is available to all students so they can learn about the features of ulearn.
  • A Student Help link in ulearn links to a webpage where students can view step-by-step instructions and contact ulearn support via phone or email.

Can I copy my ulearn course?
You can request that Academic Technology copy a course from a prior term into a course site for the current or upcoming term. If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course in one term, you can prepare the course site for one section and request that it be copied into the sites for the other sections. Please submit a Course Copy Request. If you need to copy only a few content items, it is more efficient to copy them yourself using the move or copy feature.

How do I copy content to another course site?
If you want to move a single or a few items from one course site to another, you can do that yourself using the move or copy option for each item. If you want to copy an entire course site into another course site, you must submit a Course Copy Request.

Can I change the time zone for my ulearn course site?
It is not possible to change the time zone for specific courses. The official time zone for all ulearn course sites is Eastern time (EST or EDT, as appropriate). Faculty and students at the Denver campus must make accommodations to handle the time difference. For example, if you would like an item to be due at 8:00pm MST, it must be set to 10:00pm EST.

When are course sites available to faculty?
Course sites are created 6 weeks before a term starts. After courses are created, faculty who are assigned in Banner can access them. Faculty should be sure their course will run and not be cancelled before setting up their ulearn course sites.

When do students have access to course sites?
For on-campus courses, students gain access to the ulearn course sites when the faculty member makes them available.

For online courses, students gain access to course sites three (3) days before the start of the term so they can check the syllabus, determine what textbook they need, etc.

How long are courses available in ulearn after the term ends?
Courses remain available for 21 days after the term ends. After 21 days, access for faculty and students is removed to avoid having a long list of courses on your My ulearn page. Courses remain on the ulearn server for 2 years and one term. After that time, courses are removed from the server to save space and archived in a secure third-party location. You may request that we activate a prior course site by emailing ulearnhelp@jwu.edu.

Can students who are not enrolled in my course see my ulearn course site?
No, only students enrolled in the course can see your ulearn course site.

Will students show up in the Grade Center?
All students enrolled in your course automatically appear in the Grade Center once at least one grade column has been created.

Does the course roster and Grade Center in ulearn reflect students who add or drop?
During the add/drop period at the beginning of each term, students who add your course are visible on the ulearn roster and in the Grade Center within one hour. Students who drop the course are removed from ulearn within one hour.

Does the course roster and Grade Center in ulearn reflect students who withdraw from my course?
Students who withdraw from a course are visible in the roster and Grade Center with an icon next to their name that looks like a circle with a line through it. These students do not have access to the ulearn course site.

Can students see other students' grades?
No, students can only see their own grades through the My Grades link.

Do I have to enter grades in both ulearn and jwuLink?
Yes, grades must be entered in both places. In ulearn, you must record all graded items throughout the course and the final grade. In jwuLink, you only need to enter final grades. Instructors at campuses that require midterm grades to be reported are required to submit those midterm grades through normal procedures. To save time, you can also import final grades from ulearn into jwulink directly.

Do I need to maintain both an Excel spreadsheet and the Grade Center in ulearn?
The minimum expectation is that you manually post grades for all graded items in the Grade Center in ulearn. You are not required to do calculations in the Grade Center. If you are not using the Grade Center for calculations, you need to calculate them in some other way, which may or may not include using Excel, depending on your preferences. If you typically use Excel, an alternative is to configure the ulearn Grade Center to take the place of your Excel spreadsheets so you are only recording grades in one place. Configuring the Grade Center to do calculations requires an advanced understanding of the Grade Center functionality. It is recommended that you attend the Advanced Grade Center training on your campus and work with an instructional technologist if you want to use the calculation features.

Can the Grade Center automatically calculate students' final grades?
Yes, the Grade Center can be set up to automatically calculate final grades if you set it up to do so. It is strongly recommended that you attend Advanced ulearn Grade Center training on your campus and work with an instructional technologist in Academic Technology to set up the Grade Center calculations.

What do I do if I need to submit a grade change?
Grade changes are submitted to SAS via normal procedures and are not done through ulearn. Email ulearnhelp@jwu.edu if you need your course reactivated in order to re-examine a student’s work.

Can I copy the Grade Center to my other course sites?
If you are teaching multiple sections of a course, you can set up one section with all of your content and Grade Center (including grade columns and calculations) and have it copied into your other sections. We can only copy entire course sites, not just a Grade Center. When a course is copied, the student roster is not copied. Submit the Course Copy Request. Keep in mind that when a course site is copied, you may still need to tweak the content (e.g. syllabus and course schedule) to be appropriate for the course site that it was copied into.

Can I link ulearn to a library LibGuide?
Within a ulearn content area, you can link to a LibGuide as an external web link. You may also add an item to the left menu that links directly to LibGuide (selection option to Create external link).

If I send email through ulearn, where does it go?
Mail sent from ulearn goes to the JWU mailbox of the recipient. No mail is kept in ulearn.

Can I add a guest to my course site?
Non-JWU guests can be added to your course if they need access in order to aid in the delivery of the course. As an example, you may invite an industry expert into your classroom and then make them available for a week afterwards to answer questions in a discussion board. Please see the Non-JWU Guest Access Request form.

Faculty and staff not assigned to teach a course may request access to a ulearn course site if such access is related to their job duties. See the JWU Administrative Access Request form.

Are courses archived?
A copy of every course site is made 21 days after the end of the term. These copies are considered archives and are kept in a secure location. The archives are considered records of all that transpired in ulearn during the term and can be used in the event of a student grade dispute. Contact Academic Technology & Application Systems at ulearnhelp@jwu.edu if access to an archive is needed.

I received a practice course during a training session. How long will I have my practice course?
Practice courses will remain available until further notice.

Does ulearn ever 'go down'?
Occasionally there are ulearn outages. Most outages are scheduled for server maintenance or upgrades. Planned outages are usually scheduled during term breaks to minimize the impact to courses. Academic Technology provides at least 48 hours of advance notice for scheduled outages. Typically you will receive an email announcing a scheduled outage and a notification will also be posted on the my ulearn screen. Whenever possible, we aim to give a week or more of advance notice.

Sometimes unscheduled outages occur for reasons outside of our control. In the event of an unscheduled outage, we do our best to communicate with ulearn users while we work with our vendor to resolve the issue.

Last updated May 8, 2017

Have a Specific Question about using ulearn in your teaching?
Contact the Instructional Design and Technology team at idt@jwu.edu with your ulearn questions.