ulearn Organization Request

  ulearn provides the ability for users to form online communities through "organization sites," which provide the same functionality as course sites. Organizations in ulearn are restricted to use by faculty-focused groups (please note that faculty who want to provide collaboration space for student project groups in a course should use the Groups feature in their ulearn course site and not an organization site). Administratively-focused groups may also be given access to a ulearn organization if the purpose of the group is strongly focused on academics and if the group includes some faculty membership. Student-focused groups should request a Group site through jwuLink.

(Note: communication from Academic Technology regarding this organization will be sent to the requestor)
  Describe the purpose of the organization
  Below please list the names and JWU usernames of the organization leaders, assistants and members. Academic Technology will do the initial setup of your organization and its members. After the intial setup, a leader must contact Academic Technology at ulearnhelp@jwu.edu for changes to the membership.
  Leaders: authorize changes in membership, read & write access

  Assistants: read & write access
  Members: read only access
  Additional Comments or Information

Please read the following policy related to ulearn organizations.

Organizations Policy

An organization in ulearn will be created for groups with a faculty-focused purpose. Requests from primarily adminstrative groups are reviewed and may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Organization members should accord themselves in a professional and respectful manner when publishing content to the site. Members agree not to publish content that is illegal or offensive to other organization members and agree to share their usernames and JWU e-mail addresses with other members of the organiztion. Members may not use organization sites for the unauthorized publication or distribution of copyrighted materials.


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