Teaching with technology can promote deeper learning experiences for our students when implemented properly.  However, it can be challenging to identify emerging technologies that align well with learning outcomes and the principles of teaching for transfer.  Also, once identified, it can challenging to conceptualize implementation of these technologies that supports rich and meaningful instructional practice.  Regardless of your comfort and ability with technology, the IDT team can help you build your capacity with instructional technology and support you through the instructional technology integration process.  


In general, the term “technology” triggers for many people the perception of gadgets, gizmos, complicated codes, softwares and hardwares.  While IDT certainly supports the use of many of these elements, instructional technology has a more targeted role when applied to the classroom. Instructional technology, in the context of higher education, includes the systematic application of technologies that promote interactive and engaging teaching and learning opportunities.

As we see it in IDT, technology is that which elevates instructor’s pedagogy and provides students with dynamic classroom experiences that promote collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and innovation.  While not a comprehensive list, this could include the exploration of new instructional strategies relating to blogs, wikis, podcasts and virtual reality.

As technology is ever-changing, it is important to note that the IDT team serves as agents for the purposeful use of technology tools that are directly aligned to course learning outcomes and student achievement.


One of the best ways to get ideas and inspiration is learn from others and blogs are a great way to do that. Here are some of our favorites:


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